Our Community

The Telluride Jewish Community is a local organization open to anyone trying to find faith. We are a less formal organization than most others. We meet on a random basis but try to get together at least once a month for Shabbat dinners or other activities at local houses and recreation areas as we do not have a designated temple. There are no requirements for attending, everyone from Hassidim to the average Joe is welcome at all of our functions.  The Telluride Jewish Community provides a way for people to practice Judaism in their own way and on a less formal platform than usual. 

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Our Board of Directors

Michael Saftler, Spiritual Leader
Rob Balkind, Beth Barr,
Andrea Brenner, Adrienne Browning,
Adam Dubroff, Harriet Levy,
Lisa Schaffer, Linda Shapiro,
Jenny Sher, Judy Townsend